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CD Version includes gatefold case, 16-page colour booklet, and exclusive inner sleeve artwork. The CD version is also available to be signed by the band while stocks last!

Also available on:
Limited Edition 12" Vinyl
Digital Download

Maps of the Mystic
The wait is finally over. The Wicked Whispers debut albuhe Mystic’ arrives Monday 22nd September on Electone Records across all formats.

With over 3 years in the making following 3 early limited edition vinyl releases on Electone Records, The Wicked Whispers have become one of the UKs most exciting new British bands in the current flourishing psychedelic climate and are finally set to deliver their debut long player.

‘Maps of the Mystic’ brings together 11 new tracks from The Wicked Whispers exploring every side of Mike Murphy’s lucid songwriting and the bands synchronization wrapped up inside 45 minutes of angelic protectionist approach based on Murphys original vision. The album walks us through some of the most whimsful, beautiful and exciting songs to be heard in some time with an essential timeless quality.

The Wicked Whispers sound is now unmistakable and is now forged within ‘Maps of the Mystic’. Producing the album, Mike Murphy (The Wicked Whispers singer/songwriter) has overseen the recording, mixing and preparing of the album over months of isolation within Tracks Studios, Liverpool. With Steve Powell (Michael Head and the Magical World of The Strands, The Stairs and The Red Elastic Band) engineering and assisting, the sense isolation and tightly closed doors helped form a firm bubble around the formation of the record, creating a very believable Wicked Whispers world.

Each of the 11 tracks have been perfectly crafted and purposely built to create a vision finally realized. Whether it be those who have followed the band since the beginning or those tuning in for the first time, ‘Maps of the Mystic’ promises to be one of the most thrilling albums of 2014 and an essential collectors release. In years to come ‘Maps of the Mystic’ could easily be one of the most essential cult albums of our time.

The Wicked Whispers are:
Mike Murphy (Vocals/Guitars)
Toby Virgo (Vocals/Bass),
Andy Smith (Guitars),
Steven Penn (Organ/Piano)
Nathan Sayer (Drums)

Track listing
1. Chronological Astronaut
2. House of Peppermint
3. Paper Dove
4. Flying ‘round in Circles
5. Amanda Lavender
6. Diamond Soup
7. Medusa
8. Maps of the Mystic
9. You Wouldn’t Believe
10. I’d follow you Anywhere
11. Odyssey Mile